Almost everyone loves cooking and eating delicious dishes. Be it Italian dishes, Malaysian fast food, India cuisine or Mexican taco, and cooking adventure is a favorite cooking game which is home to all these exotic dishes.

This game challenges your cooking skills and management so that you can clear up game levels and improve your cooking skills in real life.
The cooking adventure game is one of the best game presents online and comes under the section of editors choice in the Google play store.

This game has around one million plus download all over the world and is rated for people with age group 3+. This game holds more than 20 exotic restaurants where we can cook, visit, run and manage different activities ranging from cooking to even selling different dishes to the customers.

There are more than 1000 levels in the game which makes the user addicted to this game after successfully clearing up each level one can earn trophies and game keys which are quite useful for buying different kinds of stuff for cooking.

Through cooking adventure game one can learn to prepare around 550 dishes from about 700 ingredients. The virtual cooking world in the game looks very fancy and magical where you will never feel bored.

From grill house to pasta shop, from coffee shop to Japanese sushi bar and Mexican food house to Vietnamese restaurant, you are likely to discover all these magical food items in a single place under this application.

This application tests your cooking skills based on time management, ingredients used, etc. Therefore this game is quite beneficial for people who love to try different dishes and love to explore food items.

For sharing your global ranking or game progress with your friends and families, one can log on this game through social media platforms like Facebook for a better gaming experience.

There are over hundreds of upgrade available for your kitchen appliances, restaurant or kitchen interior and for buying different ingredients for preparing food.
This game is full of surprises and fun activities too. Do not forget to search for the lucky ball and fortune dog willy in the game for winning different prizes and rewards.

Game features
1. More than 20 fancy restaurants to explore, learn the recipes of 550+ dishes from over 700 ingredients. Fantastic sound quality and sound effects for a better cooking experience.
2. Amazing animated graphics and visuals. The game works smoothly with all devices including smartphones, tablets, etc.

Game specifications
1. Version – 40400
2. Game size – 92.16 MB
3. Release date –Game author – Cheetah Games
4. Developer email –
5. Game release date – 9 May 2016
6. License – Free
7. Operating system requirements – Android 4.1 or higher. Supports Apple devices too.
8. Supported languages – English, French, German

Overall this game is quite perplexing for the people who love to try out different dishes and eager to learn the recipes for these exotic dishes. With over 550 dishes recipes getting prepared from over 700 ingredients, one should try this game.

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